Resources for Your Classroom

Below you will find presentations I've delivered on a variety of topics and in a variety of forums. I hope you find something that will make a difference for your students! If you have questions about what you find or want to know more about how I make things work in my own classroom, let me know! Finally, please be aware that while you are free to use any  materials you find here for your own professional growth, these presentations are copyrighted by me and my co-authors, if any.

We Just Made This Up

If you've ever wanted to get your students improvising in your ensemble class, Dr. Michael Torres and I developed and implemented a curriculum that you can use to develop your students' creativity, reinforce their chamber music skills and open their ears to new sonic possibilities

Open Ears Open Minds

Help your students develop their listening skills to become more thoughtful performers and consumers of music.

Horn Hacks

Presented with Dr. Tiffany Damicone at the 2015 Capital University Complete Band Director's Workshop. This presentation highlights recent advances in equipment, pedagogy, and sound concepts. All you need to bring your horn section into the 21st Century!

The Music Belongs to Everyone

Engage your students, your school, and your community by including them your next (or your first!) commission. This NAfME-endorsed presentation shares strategies to help you find the right composer, raise the funds you need, and turn your community into stakeholders in your program.